Base Recipes


The base recipes below can be chopped and changed to create months of menus before you started repeating the same dish.  Even if you made the same flavour combo these recipes will give you up to 20 days before you repeat.

Asian Herb Mix
Turkey Ballontine
Banana & Berry Base
Base Recipes - A way to make menu planning easier.
Berry Base
Bitter Leaf Salad with Dressing
Braised Protein
Cashew based dips
Caprese Style Salad
Cheese & Fresh Leaves Style Salad
Clear Pork Broth or Stock
Thai Style Chicken Curry
Coconut Curry
Coming up with salad ideas - Leaf, Veg & Pickle.
Cream cheese dips
Fresh Leaf Green Salad
Green Machine Base
San Choi Bao
Lettuce Cups
Low GI Mash
Master stock
Mini Meat Loaves
Pickled Beetroot
Pickled Veg
Pineapple Coconut Base
Poached Protein
Protein & Salad Bowl
Savoury Slice
Spinach garlic lemon cream cheese dip
Steamed Rice
Stir Fry
Tacos - the base model
Veggie & Protein Soup
Veggie Bake
Veggie Scrambled Eggs
Winter Stew
Yoghurt based dips