Carbs Ain’t Carbs – Simple Rules for Weight Loss

The Three Weight Loss Classes of Carbohydrates

We now know how the Glycemic Index works on our bodies but how do we know what carbs are good and what are bad for weight loss?  A few simple rules make it easy.

  1.  Bad Carbs – Anything with a GI over 55.
  2. Moderate Carbs – GI value between 20 and 54.
  3. Low Carbs – GI value under 20.
    and the fourth consideration:
  4. Proteins & Lipids have a GI of 0 (zero).

How do you find the GI value of food?  There is a fabulous App called My GI and many good reputable websites.  All of my challenge ingredients and recipes have a GI value as well as Net Carb value.

The Three Rules of Weight Loss

  1. Do not eat No 1 Bad Carbs.
  2. Only eat No 2 Mod Carbs with No 3 Low Carbs.
  3. Only eat No 4 Protein with No 3 Low Carbs.

Timing for Weight Loss

  • Your BSL will rise for at least 3 hours after your eat No 2 Mod Carbs and No 3 Low Carbs.
  • Your BSL will rise for at least 5 hours after you eat No 3 Low Carbs and No 4 Protein.

Which means you should not eat anything in these windows between meals because your BSL has not evened out completely and insulin will be present. You can see that Protein extends the time between meals but it also satisfies hunger far better than carbs!

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