How much should I eat?

The fashionable trend of large dinner plates has contributed to us eating way more than we need.  The bigger the plate the more lonely the food looks.  It is just human nature to fill up the plate and then of course we finish everything on it.  The beauty of the Low GI way of eating is that you can fill up with all of those lovely Low GI vegetables but it doesn’t mean you can gorge yourself on protein.   The recommended average intake of protein at any one meal should be:

  • Red Meat 100gms/3.5oz
  • Chicken or Fish 120-150gms/4.2 – 5.2oz
  • Cheese 70gms/2.5oz
  • Eggs 2 max

Has a general rule of thumb when you are plating your meal it should consist of 1/4 of the plate protein to 3/4 plate vegetables.