Low GI Shopping List

This is one of the best ways to stay on track – if you don’t buy high GI foods you can’t eat them.  The amazing thing I have found since reducing my general carbohydrate intake is that I don’t crave sweet things anymore.  The list is by now means definitive but its a start and you can add what ever protein to you like.  But I must stress that eating Low GI does NOT mean eating high fat.  Good fats like Olive Oil as essential for good health, so eating less animal fat is still the way to go.  If you are in doubt about your fat consumption there is a quiz for to take:  HERE.

So what’s on a weight loss Low GI list?  Loads of vegetables.  Yep. Loads of vegetables.  Lean protein.  Good Oils.  Some nuts.  Here is a base one for you from the 3 Week Challenge Menu Plans:

This link is for an interactive one that will work on your computer, tablet or phone.


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