Top 5 Tips – Preparation for the challenge.


Top Tip 1

Clean out your pantry and fridge.  Temptation is the down fall of many people – so if you are in that category then remove it,  and that doesn’t mean eating it till it’s all gone!  Give it away and don’t buy it any more.

Top Tip 2

Shop from a Low GI list like this one: Basic Low GI List then add your own protein choices.  See my Base Recipe list for ideas to use your Low GI foods or follow the 3 Week Menu Plan.  NEVER shop when you are hungry.

Week 1       Week 2          Week 3

Top Tip 3

Make sure you have storage containers for “Chop n Store” – slice and dice salad ingredients and store in containers for quick salads and breakfasts. Of course only add Low GI salad dressing when you serve not when you store.  Easy access makes for easy eating.  Make extra serves at dinner time for lunch leftovers.

Top Tip 4

Drink 2 litres of water per day – 8 glasses or cups minimum!!!

Stop drinking alcohol – you can have some later and will enjoy it more.  The GI of alcohol has never been measured because of the process that is sued to measure GI – someone would have to drink a lot of it at once – so it is an unknown factor but what we do know is that it puts a load on your liver and we are trying to clean your liver out.

Top Tip 5

Become a Nutrition Panel Nerd – read them diligently – avoid food that has more than 4% sugars.  This is the only way to buy pre-made food, especially sauces and condiments – you will be horrified when you see how much sugar there is in processed food – corn syrup is a sneaky addition and bad for you on so many levels.  Beware the “Light, Low, Reduced” labels.  Often low fat means added sugar.  Read the Nutrition Panel first.

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