Sugo vs Passata – What is the difference


Loads of Italian dishes use a passata or sugo as the flavour base,  This wonderful tomato sauce is traditionally made when tomatoes are in season and plentiful.  Often made from the over-ripe last of a crop the sauce is always full of flavour.  The difference between a Passata and a Sugo is sutble, and must be taken into account when choosing the right one.

  1. Both are a sauce from tomatoes.
  2. Passata is usually just tomatoes, passed through a sieve (Passati is passed) then cooked in sterile jars for preservation.
  3. Sugo is Passata with extras, and can be made from Passata.  If you had extras to Passata you get Sugo.

What extras?  Depends on the recipe that has been handed won the generations, which depends on the place where the family comes from.

I  use passata as a base for recipes like braising or simmering or baking.  I use Sugo to make a quick pasta sauce.