The Low GI Challenge

The Six Week Low GI Challenge

To diet or not to diet

I have been on a diet for most of my life and finally at the age of 55 I have found the Low Glycemic Index and Low Carb eating. I tried counting calories, have always eaten low fat and low salt, exercise regularly (I walk my dogs everyday and do 2 pilates classes a week) and rarely eat junk food. I was always being told by doctors to simply “eat less and exercise more”.  I always knew there was more to it and through sheer frustration I kept a food diary (found a great app!) and weighed everything I ate.  I was eating below the recommended 1000 calories for weight loss yet I was still gaining weight.  So why was I always over weight? – Carbohydrates!

Over the years the traditional food pyramid has made me increasingly fat to the point I was obese.  It does not work for everyone but Low Glycemic Index and Low Carb works for me. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or diet guru – just a home cook who has been cooking for 40 years who now has completely changed the way I eat. I rarely eat anything I don’t prepare.

About a year ago I successfully shed 20 kilos and have managed to maintain that loss with relative ease,  despite travelling for a large part of last year, and maintaining weight loss had always been a challenge, as it had been programmed into me that you must eat complex carbs in a balanced diet.  But now it is time to lose some more and at my age it is not an easy task and this time I am going to document the process. One consideration for changing the way you eat is the time factor; when you are busy it is easy to just “grab a bite” from somewhere. In this challenge I will explore one of the issues that face people who work – do you have the time for the preparation and planning?  I work from home so it is relatively easy to eat food I have prepared but when you work outside the home as we all know; pre-prepared food is so much easier.

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