The Low GI Challenge Week 1 Menu Plan


Welcome to the Low GI Challenge!  No matter what the reason you have taken up the challenge, whether it be weight loss, or health issue, or simply for a change, after the 3 Weeks you will feel better, have more energy and I bet you can’t stop eating Low GI.

Week 1 will be your hardest particularly if you have a sweet tooth at the moment.  Make sure you read the Low down on Low GI posts, especially Top 5 Tips – Preparation for the challenge. for great info and practical ideas to aid your challenge. Another gem of information is the Top 5 Tips for do ahead lunches and leftovers. in this weeks menu plan leftovers play a pivotal role in getting you used to making that extra serve or 2 that can be eaten for lunch the next day or frozen for the next week.  Monday’s dinner becomes Tuesday’s lunch or leave it till Wednesday for the sake of variety.  Plus a great slice which can be frozen and reheated in the microwave for the quick and easy to transport lunch.  This week’s menu also features smoked salmon for breakfast if you don’t like smoked salmon then substitute either cooked salmon, or a protein of your choice.

These 7 days can be swapped around and consumed in any order you chose.  The shopping list is general in amounts – you know how much you and/or your family eat. Plus remember check your fridge and pantry first.

You can generate the shopping list from the button below.

[ultimate-recipe-meal-plan id=”low-gi-challenge-week-1″]