The Low GI Challenge Week 2 Menu Plan


Congrats!  You made it to Week 2.  Any cravings? Anything you really miss?  Your taste buds will already be changing to a more savoury palate than before.  Starting to notice more energy?  I find in this week I am looking for this to do, to keep busy, burn some energy!  Great time to start walking – just 30 minutes a day has been proven to be  beneficial on multiple levels.  I’m sure you’ve heard the spiel.  It’s only 30 minutes, for inspiration read Top 5 Tips to get more steps in your day.

This weeks menu also has plenty of do ahead and/or large batch kinda meals, and remember if you are making a salad don’t dress the bowl just the serving, and it will keep better for the next day.

These 7 days can be swapped around and consumed in any order you chose.  The shopping list is general in amounts – you know how much you and/or your family eat. Plus remember check your fridge and pantry first.  Anything left over from last week?

You can generate the shopping list from the Menu or click the link for a simplified list.

Simplified Interactive Shopping List

[ultimate-recipe-meal-plan id=”low-gi-challenge-week-2″]