The Low GI Challenge Week 3 Menu Plan


By now you will be in the swing of Low GI Low Carb eating and can see the potential variety of eating this way.  This week’s slice the Broccoli and Feta is also great for freezing and reheating in the microwave, as is the Greens & Beef Stir Fry.  In the Beef Massaman recipe I used Herbie’s Spices curry powder as there is nothing added to their mixes – no flour!  Always read the Nutrition & Ingredients Panel carefully all kinds of weird and unnecessary stuff gets added to pre-made or pre-mixed foods.

These 7 days can be swapped around and consumed in any order you chose.  The shopping list is general in amounts – you know how much you and/or your family eat. Plus remember check your fridge and pantry first.

Anything left over from last week?

You can generate the shopping list from the Menu or click the link for a simplified list.

Simplified Interactive Shopping List


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