What about dessert? Sugar removal or substitution?

One of the main things I have learnt in changing my eating habits is that substitution for cravings is not the answer long term.  To start off with I looked for alternatives to sugar; for weeks I was on a quest to find a Low GI miracle could give me the taste and sweetness of sugar but without the bad stuff. Not just the sugar bad stuff, the artificial bad stuff as well.  Thought bubbles formed: Desserts could be back on the menu!  Yes.  The crowd cheered.  Wrong.  No!

What I came to realise that over the weeks that the research took I had actually changed my taste preferences.  Whilst eating Low GI and being preoccupied with my quest my wonderful little taste buds had come round to the no sugar way of thinking anyway!  I now find sweet things to be quite unpalatable.  My sweet treat is now the darkest of dark chocolate that has hardly any sugar and is quite bitter, in fact my palate has swapped over to the bitter side.

I think long term I have been far better off by not finding that elusive prize on my quest; so for me Sugar Removal has been the winner.  What about you?  Do you think you will be a remover or a substituter!